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 4 Weeks to Financial Fitness by Seastrunk Financial A step by step guide to getting you in peak financial shape Does creating a successful plan for your financial life need to be drastic and monumentally difficult? Nah. Instead, most people who have achieved big goals will tell you they did so little by little, one step at a time. The person who lost 30 pounds did so by walking an extra mile a day and passing on the extra bread sticks at dinner. Heck, even though it has taken countless hours developing and preparing this program I was able to do it in small sections and usually during the evenings and on weekends. The same is true when you’re aiming to successfully accomplish your financial goals. The wide-ranging goals of funding a comfortable retirement, paying for college, or buying a first home can seem daunting, particularly when you think through the dollar amounts that you’ll need to have. But if you break these broad goals down into smaller, more manageable tasks, and tackle them one at a time, you can begin to make real progress toward your goals. Through Seastrunk’s Financial Fitness Program: I’ll coach you on completing one financial-planning task per day, with an eye toward getting in the best financial shape of your life. You will know which types of insurance are good to have and those that are rip-offs. I’ll discuss how to invest for goals that are close at hand, how to build a retirement portfolio, and how to make sure your investments are on track from year to year. Help you to decide between Roth and traditional retirement plan contributions √ WEEK 1 Get Organized: Before you can make a difference in your finances, it’s important to lay the proper groundwork: You need to get organized and have a good view of your financial picture. Helping you get there will be the focus of the first week’s tips. √ WEEK 2 Set Goals: While I am a strong advocate of long-term investing, I also recognize the competing need to focus on the short and medium term. It's important to make sure you have sufficient disposable income for rainy days and the tools to handle your day-to-day financial decisions with finesse. This is exactly what Week #2 focuses on. √ WEEK 3 Create Your Plan and Set Your Course: Having laid the groundwork and ensured you’re financially ‘backed up’, you’re ready to tackle what is the primary concern for most investors: Successfully building and monitoring a long-term portfolio. For many of us this includes making financially sound retirement plans. √ WEEK 4 Stay on Track: In the final full week on the road to financial fitness, I’ll share more tips for investing well before and during retirement, as well as strategies for keeping your portfolio on the right track through varying market environments. At the end of your program bring your completed worksheets in for your FREE second financial opinion and to get answers for any questions that have come up during your financial plan development. Call us today to sign up for our new program and find out how to get yourself in the best financial shape of your life!


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