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They Laughed When I Said I Wanted To Be a Financial Planner!


Until They Learned The Latest Financial Planning Techniques Can Reduce Investment Risk, Lower Taxes and Help Protect Their Assets…



While most folks enjoy reading a good book or watching a movie… I prefer soaking up the financial news, testing new financial strategies and discovering new investment opportunities!


Now that I think about it, I have spent a good part of my life learning as much as I can about financial stuff that most folks hate to even think about.  I suppose some folks might call me a financial geek.


As a young boy, my dad (a banker with a sense of humor) and I were in the YMCA’s Indian Guides together (similar to Cub Scouts).  And while all the other fathers picked traditional Indian names like "Big Bear and Little Cub" what does my dad pick our Guide names to be???  “Big Money and Small Change”


My mom used to say our dinner conversations could get pretty boring with all the financial talk. And my friends even snickered when I said I actually wanted to be a financial planner when I “grew up”.  What’s really funny is…now many of them are clients!


Most of my clients dread making financial decisions and the mere mention of a 401k make their eyelids feel heavy.  They don’t have the time to keep up with the ever-changing “rules of money” nor do they want to.


So they hire me to help them manage their retirement accounts and give them guidance.


Would you like to have a “certified” second opinion about your financial situation too?


 Then please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Conrad Seastrunk, I’m the President of Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC and we are currently accepting new clients who are serious about wanting help with their money.


Will you be one of these people? Maybe, maybe not.


The first thing it depends on is me. If I'm not the kind of financial planner you want to work with then we can save each other a lot of time. So let’s first start with me.


So Why Write An Ad?

Do I Need To Advertise

For New Clients?


Am I inexperienced in the ways of the financial world?


Am I some sort of financial product salesman in disguise looking for my next victim? I am not. I am a reasonably intelligent, Board CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Practitioner in my mid 50’s, have lived in Florence all my life and (for the last 31  years)  have been providing financial solutions for individuals and families primarily in the Southeast.


I earned my BBA from Francis Marion University in 1988, and was awarded the advanced designation of CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®) in 2002.


After graduation I worked with a boutique style independent planning firm and then a year later at a large New York firm.  After seeing both sides of the business (large/corporate vs. small/independent) I realized that to do the best job for my clients I needed to be apart from Wall Street… so I struck out on my own and opened Seastrunk Financial Management, a “fee-only” Registered Investment Advisory Firm.


Meanwhile back in the 1995…


Early in my career I discovered that many people were making costly mistakes when taking money out of their retirement plans.


So I wrote the first edition of my retirement planning book for soon to be retirees titled: "What You Ought To Know UBeforeU You Sign Your Retirement Papers" (now in its 5th edition) and over the next 5 years did the seminar circuit in Florence to warn folks about the pitfalls and traps waiting for them in retirement.  This turned out to be a great way to let folks know more about financial planning and our firm.


So once again, why do I have to advertise for clients?


Well actually, I don't. After 31 years I have a fairly impressive list of outstanding clientele that I truly enjoy working with. And it’s likely you are reading this right now because a current client of mine thinks we can help you as well.


So the idea of this ad is simply to put a little "science into the search" and to eliminate me having to spend a lot of time with people only to discover that I can't help them (or much worse) that they are not interested in my services!


Who Really Needs A

Financial Planner?




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