I really feel awkward about saying what type of people I prefer working with. I'm afraid if I get too explicit it will seem like I am an insensitive clod ordering something from a Gourmet menu.


On the other hand, if I don't set down some guidelines I'm afraid people with whom my services would not be at all compatible will answer this ad. So here it goes.


Our clients are typically:


• Entering retirement and want to minimize income taxes on pension income, social security income and avoid penalties 401k/IRA withdrawals.


• Recently unemployed folks that suddenly need penalty-free income from retirement accounts or help managing their investments.


• People going through divorce or after the death of a spouse that “used to handle all the financial stuff”.


• Busy executives and professionals who do not have the time to properly manage and plan their personal finances;


• People changing jobs that need advice about their new benefit plans at work or rolling over and investing their old 401k money.


The Secret to Earning 20%

Without Any Risk


Would you like me to tell you how to earn a guaranteed 20% per year with no risk?


Well, I’ll tell you: I don’t know how.


And if I did know how, why would I tell you, a total stranger?


Ask yourself that question the next time someone tempts you with the hottest deal around. After all, if they have such a great investment, why would they tell you about it?


Look, I’m a nice guy, but let’s face it: If I had a “sure thing,” I’d be so busy investing my own money that I certainly wouldn’t have the time to tell you about it. And assuming I did have time to make a few phone calls, why would I call you — a total stranger — instead of telling my clients, family and friends?


Professional financial help goes far beyond picking stocks or mutual funds. Hiring a Financial Adviser armed  with the latest investment and financial planning techniques can reduce financial risks, lower taxes, avoid probate, and help protect your assets from unexpected life changing events.


This can help you to make the most of the changing financial cycles of your life.


Our Advice Depends On Your Goals.


Saving for Retirement? You're more than five years from retirement. How much income will you need, and how much should you save now? How should you be invested?


• Transitioning to Retirement?   You're preparing for retirement. Will your assets provide the income you need? What's the impact of delaying retirement? How will taxes affect your retirement income?


• Retirement Income Plan? You're drawing income from your assets. How long will they last? Should you adjust your portfolio to generate more income?  Are you minimizing the impact of income taxes?


• Portfolio Evaluation? You may simply want a second opinion about your investments choices. Are you taking too much risk?  Are you are suffering returns that are too low? Are you paying too much in fees? Or do you own investments that are unsuitable or inappropriate for you based on your individual or family situation?


• College Planning? Should you use the latest tax-advantaged accounts when saving for a college education?


• Estate Planning? Do you have assets that you want to pass on to your family easily and with the least amount of tax and expense?



 And while I have made a modest attempt to make this “ad” entertaining please know that I am very serious about financial planning and helping my clients solve their financial problems.


So unless you are a little on the odd side (like us) and really enjoy this kind of thing you probably are wondering to yourself if you are making good financial decisions.


Who Else Wants a Second Opinion?


If you would like to have a “Certified” second opinion about your financial choices, I invite you to call my office directly at 843-661-0220 and tell my assistant that you want to set up a free, no-obligation, financial check-up to see if we can be of service to you. Or, click the "Online Booking" button below to go to our booking page.





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