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Fee Schedule


Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC provides fee-only discretionary investment advisory services, providing ongoing investment advice and monitoring of securities holdings based on the individual needs of the client.


Fees for Consultation and Financial Plans may be negotiated for special cases, however retainers and fees for assets managed by Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC are as stated per the published schedule. Fees are not collected for services to be performed more than six months in advance. Lower or higher fees may be found for comparable services.


The specific manner in which asset management fees are charged by Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC is established in a client’s written agreement with Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC.  Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC will generally bill its fees on a quarterly basis. Asset Management Fees are calculated each quarter based on the assets under management at the beginning of each quarter on a graduated basis and deducted from the account by the custodian.

Clients may also elect to be billed directly for fees or to authorize Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC to directly debit fees from client accounts.  Management fees shall be prorated for each capital contribution and withdrawal made during the applicable calendar quarter.  Accounts initiated or terminated during a calendar quarter will be charged a prorated fee.  Upon termination of any account, any prepaid, unearned fees will be promptly refunded, and any earned, unpaid fees will be due and payable. We reserve the right to modify our fee schedule upon thirty days advance written notice to you.




Client Assets Under Management (or Assets Under Advisement for Financial Guidance Only) Cost for Financial  Management (Discretionary Investment Management & Financial Guidance) Cost for Discretionary Investment Management Only Cost for Financial Guidance Only

















Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC’s fees are exclusive of brokerage commissions, transaction fees, and other related costs and expenses which shall be incurred by the client. Clients may incur certain charges imposed by custodians, brokers, third party investment and other third parties such as fees charged by managers, custodial fees, deferred sales charges, odd-lot differentials, transfer taxes, wire transfer and electronic fund fees, and other fees and taxes on brokerage accounts and securities transactions. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds also charge internal management fees, which are disclosed in a fund’s prospectus.


Such charges, fees and commissions are exclusive of and in addition to Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC’s fee, and Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC shall not receive any portion of these commissions, fees, and costs.


One-time custom Financial Plan and Investment Plans are available for a negotiated fee minimum fee of $1,200 each.  A retainer of ½ the total fee is due upon acceptance of the Financial Planning Agreement.  The balance is due upon delivery of the plan(s).   Alternately, a monthly bank draft subscription is available.


Fees for other consultation are computed at an hourly rate of $150 per hour payable at the time of service.  Lower or higher fees may be found for comparable services.


The client may terminate the Financial Planning Agreement without penalty within five business days of signature, or at any time until delivery of the Plan.  The Financial Planning Agreement terminates upon delivery of the plan. At this time no refunds will be made, and the balance remaining is due and payable.


For all services, we have the discretion to negotiate our fees, minimum account size, minimum annual fees, and other terms of each Client's relationship with us, and to negotiate different fees, minimums, or other terms on a client-by-client basis. When considering these matters, we usually consider the amount of assets to be placed under management by the client and related accounts, anticipated future revenues and anticipated future assets or other business from the client or related persons, and other existing or anticipated relationships. We may elect, in our discretion, to aggregate related Client accounts for the purpose of achieving the minimum account size requirements and determining fees. Because Management Fees and other terms of our programs and services may be negotiated separately with individual clients, some accounts pay lower Management Fees than other accounts. Waivers, discounts or more favorable terms not generally available to other clients may be offered to family members and friends of our employees and affiliates.




Seastrunk Financial Management, LLC and Fidelity Investments are independent companies and are not affiliated. There is no form of legal partnership, agency, affiliation or similar relationship between your financial advisor and Fidelity Investments, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein.


Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and federally registered CFP (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.

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