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How close you are to hitting your financial goals.


Back in the day, it didn't take a finance degree to be able to ensure a successful retirement. Most people could count on receiving generous pension and Social Security checks. Getting to the bank to cash them was the biggest challenge.


Those days are gone.


Even if you have money saved and can count on income from other sources, one of the biggest challenges for today's retirees is setting up your accounts in ways that will provide dependable, tax-savvy streams of retirement income.


Today's Riskier

Retirement Scenario


Modem retirees are more and more self-funded with retirement accounts that have to cover income for life and cover their own health care cost. And these accounts come with their various taxes and penalties if handled incorrectly.


Whether you’re in or nearing retirement, you face an increasingly difficult challenge: making your income last through your lifetime with a minimal tax drag.


Now more than ever you need to educate yourself about your options and prepare way in advance.


Here Are 4 Critical Factors for Planning For Your Retirement


1. When: Earlier retirement lowers lifetime Social Security and increases investment income needs.


2. Where: Cost of living, health care and taxes vary nationwide.


3. How: Income needs impacted by part time work, travel plans, and not downsizing.


4. What: Source of income? Social Security, Pension, 401 k/IRA, real estate gain from downsizing?


With so much confusion among today's retirees Seastrunk Financial Management is pleased to provide this free financial calculator that will help you see if you are on track with your retirement plan.



How To Get Started...


Play "what if" and see how different options affect your plan. Do not spend too much time on any single question or entry. If you do not know an answer, just give your best estimate.





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