Seastrunk Financial is a fee-only comprehensive financial planning and investment counsel firm that serves 105 families.  We are a family team who work together to serve our clients and we are passionate about helping each client making smart financial decisions.


Making smart financial decisions requires a huge amount of time to research, learn, and keep up with the ever changing rules of money.  So unless you are a little on the odd side (like we are) and really enjoy this kind of thing you probably are wondering to yourself if you are making smart financial decisions.


That's where we come in.  If you are the kind of person who would like to have more control over your financial life you are going to love our services. And while good advice doesn't have to be expensive, poor or tainted advice will almost always cost you dearly no matter how little you pay for it. Seastrunk Financial is a fee-only financial planning firm.


  Seastrunk Financial was founded in Florence, South Carolina in 1994 and is located at 121 S Cashua Dr. in Florence, South Carolina.

















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