The best ways to manage your financial life have changed over the years. If you handle your money the way your parents and grandparents handled theirs, you may fail where they succeeded.


That's because the financial environment is so different today!


The cost of living has never been higher, while up to a third of our income goes to taxes.


Longer life expectancies mean we run the risk of not having enough money to retire comfortably, and being unable to care for aging parents or leave a legacy for our children.


And today people relocate more often, change jobs more often, have children and grandchildren later in life, and even marry more often.


That's why you need expert advice.


At Seastrunk Financial we're much more than just an investment firm: our clients enjoy professional guidance from a Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERĀ® Practitioner in all areas of personal finance, including:


  • Investments
  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning


Professional financial help goes far beyond picking stocks or mutual funds. Hiring a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERĀ® arms you with the expertise and resources to plan your financial future.



How To Get Started...



Your personal financial information is, of course, totally confidential and intended solely for our use in preparing an informative financial report to help you determine which financial options are best for you and to help you meet your financial goals.


The retirement calculator we use to prepare your report is simple but thorough. It requests detailed information, but it should take you no longer than a few minutes to complete.


Play "what if" and see how different options affect your plan. Do not spend too much time on any single question or entry. If you do not know an answer, just give your best estimate.


If you prefer, we can help you complete your Free "Kick the tires" Retirement Planning Service. Just call 843-661-0220 and we wlll take care of the rest of it right over the phone for you.



















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